March 2017
We are aware that colleagues in Leeds are being contacted by NHS England regarding potential over-claiming of GOS. The general process is that the practice receives a letter from NHS England. This letter states that a proportion of practices, usually around 10%, have been identified as having above average activity when compared to national and regional figures relating to conversion rates.

PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU ARE CONTACTED. Also refer to the AOP guidance -

If you're not an AOP member you should contact your relevant professional organisation.

March 2017
Vision Care for Homeless People are to open a branch in Leeds at the St Georges Crypt. They are looking for your help. See HERE for more info

September 2016
The Local Eye Health Network has gained a £40,000 grant from Health Education England to support Yorkshire and The Humber community optometrists to gain College Higher qualifications in glaucoma.
Subsidised cost is £250 per candidate for a limited number of Optometrists in Yorkshire and The Humber. Deadline for first round applications Sunday 5th Sept 2016

August 2016
An audit of all referrals to the Ophthalmology Department at BRI has been conducted recently. We have been asked to feedback the results of this which includes some important advice and recommendations for referrers. 
Kind regards,
Bradford LOC


June 2016

During Ramadan there is a drop in muslim diabetics attending their Retinal Screening.


The advice from the Muslim Council of Britain is that drops are permissable during fasting.



May 2016

We are aware practices locally are having issues with GOS payments since Capita took over the processing of the GOS claims.


NHS England and LOCSU are aware of the issues and are liaising with Capita to overcome the issues.


Capita have drafted in more staff to reduce the wait times.

Please click here for the LOCSU brief on how to escalate issues.


May 2016

The new Bradford and Airedale LOC website is now live!


January 2016

Bradford LOC have helped fund the Optos retinal imaging at BRI through the Bradford and Airedale Eyesight Trust.

The Optos will be used to manage and monitor diabetic and retinal patients in the Bradford and Airedale area.

A donation of £5000 was given to the fund. See the BAET thank you letter here.