COVID 19 Updates for Optical Practices



Dear Optometrists,

At Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, like you all, we are slowly adapting to a new way of working and starting to see more patients face to face in clinic. However, we are also mindful of keeping patient footfall and time in the department low and as such, are utilising telephone (TC), video consultations (VC) or test only (TO) clinics where appropriate. In paediatrics, a number of our patients can be managed well via TC, VC or TO, but where in the past we would have also refracted them at the same consultation, this is obviously not possible when managed remotely.

In line with CCG policy we have been advised to utilise shared care where pre-existing systems and payment mechanisms are in place – community Optometry is one such system and we are very lucky to have such a supportive set of colleagues.


We will therefore be asking some patients to attend their own Optometrist for a refraction and you may have patients attending your practice with this request. Previously these patients would have attended for dispensing of a HES prescription only.


We would only send children who would be expected to have an annual refraction in the community were it not for their other eye condition, i.e. not those with progressive pathology. Examples of this would be a patient with a stable naevus or being monitored for a disc check who can be seen in a test only clinic or a patient being monitored for ptosis.


We will be providing the parent/guardian with a copy of the GP letter for them to show you when they present to the appointment should this help with your management. Once seen by yourself, they can be reviewed as you see appropriate (1-2 yearly) for the monitoring of their refraction but will also still be under the HES for their non-refractive condition.


We very much appreciate your help with this. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me (


Kind regards


Dr Charlotte Hazel

Head Optometrist


PPE Supplies - If you are struggling to source PPE, the Bradford LOC have small quantities of Type IIR masks available to purchase. Please contact our secretary for further information and for costings.

Alternatively you can source your own PPE from

or any other reputable supplier


Bradford Macula Centre-Update 28/05/2020

All referrals to the Bradford Macula Centre should be sent directly to them as you would have done prior to the current COVID-19 situation. Please do not send these patients via the GP or to BRI as this will result in unnecessary delays.


Please continue to use the WET AMD referral forms that are available to download and print here. This document is also available in a word editable file from the bottom of this page. This will enable the correct information to be captured so the patient can be triaged.


Referrals can no longer be sent via Fax. Macula referrals should come in by letter or ideally email to avoid delays. The e-mail address is below. This will require the use of an NHS email account. I believe I sent information on how to currently do this last week to all contractors, and a copy will accompany this email.


If you have an OCT, please use it and email the scan to This applies even if you do not have an email address; due to the exceptional circumstances the potential to reduce patient harm by emailing an OCT currently outweighs the risk of using non-encrypted email.  Due to the additional sensitive information contained in the macula referral forms if emailed these need to be sent using an NHS email account.


Kind regards


Bradford LOC




Please find attached an update from the Eye Department at BTHFT with regards to what changes are happening there, and the current guidance for patients that require referral to the Eye Department at BTHFT or referral for cataract surgery.

Please note this guidance is accurate as of 27/05/2020, any changes we will of course continue to update you on.

This advice relates to Eye departments within the BTHFT, so mainly Bradford Royal Infirmary. For any other providers of Secondary Eyecare , please contact them directly to find their current guidance.

Kind Regards

Bradford LOC Secretary



Bradford LOC Corona Virus Advice 23/03/2020


In these unusal times, our working arrangements will need to be altered. Arrangements are changing frequently and so the information below is current at the time of writing- but maybe superseded when circumstances change.


Bradford LOC Corona Virus Update 23/03/2020



You can access information and updates from our professional bodies below:



To order PPE you can use the following website setup for Optical Practices:


Updated 27/05/2020