Referral Refinement Scheme

The Bradford & Airedale Referral Refinement Scheme is available to registered practices, for patients whose GP is registered in the Bradford and Airedale area.



The Referral Refinement Scheme allows practitioners to further investigate and refine their findings for patients who have suspect IOP or Discs or Visual Fields as per NICE guidelines.

This scheme also allows practitioners to dilate and further investigate patients who you may suspect to have a fundus anomaly.


TIER 1 - Goldman ONLY

Allows you to repeat IOPs with Goldman if the original IOPs are 24 and above on the same day.

If the repeated IOP with Goldman is also found to be 24 and above, you can further repeat Goldman on a different day (within 2 weeks).

For the first Goldman IOP check a fee of £15 can be claimed.

If a second Goldman IOP  is performed a fee of £20 can be claimed.

NICE Guidelines apply.


TIER 2 - Threshold Fields For Suspect Glaucoma and/or BIO Dilated retinal exam

Allows you to investigate for suspect Glaucoma using Threshold visual fields, BIO and Goldman, OR

Allows practitioners to perform a dilated exam for a fee of £50.00. Exceptions apply.

The advice with the fundus anomaly protocol is that it is to be used where it is liklely that dilating your patient would modify your final decision. It should not be used if you suspect wet AMD from history and symptoms and you would be refering to the Wet AMD clinic anyway.  The LOC opinion is that if it confirms AMD. but it is dry AMD then this IS a refinement and modifies your referral pathway, hence is justified. This part of the pathway will be more carefully monitored.



How to get Accreditation for Referral Refinement and OHTMS

To get accredited for the referral refinement the Optometrist needs to complete the following:

1. Online WOPEC course - You will need a code (which the Bradford LOC can provide free). Please email our secretary for the code.

2. Goldman refresher. 

EQUIPMENT NEEDED - Visual Fields with Threshold testing, Goldman tonometer, BIO -Volk lens.


Referral Refinement Pathway

Referral Refinement Pateint Leaflet

Referral Refinement Tier 1 & 2 Consent Form

Referral Refinement Patient Consent Form Tier 1 Repeat Goldman

Referral Refinement GP/HES Referral Report Form

2019 MS EXCEL Spreadsheet Claim Form


The above spreadsheet is to be used by practices to record and submit their activity for the community services (referral refinement, cataract referral and OHTMS). It should not contain any pateint identifiable data.

The spreadsheet must be submitted on a monthly basis to the following email address:



Any claims submitted after 3 months will be rejected.


Updated 07/06/19