Diagnosed stable Ocular Hypertensives will be discharged from BRI Eye Dept and asked to attend an accredited practitioner. The interval will be specified by the diagnosing consultant.

Goldman pressures, threshold fields and Indirect Optic Disc assessment will be required by the accredited Optometrist.


How to get Accreditation for Referral Refinement and OHTMS

To get accredited for the referral refinement the Optometrist needs to complete the following:


1. Online WOPEC course - You will need a code (which the Bradford LOC can provide free). Please email our secretary for the code.


2. To be competent at Goldman tonometry - No assessment is required but the LOC can provide a Goldman refresher.


EQUIPMENT NEEDED - Visual Fields with Threshold testing, Goldman tonometer, BIO -Volk lens.


The accreditation requirements will be those specified by the LOCSU/WOPEC distance learning package in Glaucoma Referral Refinement Level 1.


After successful completion of the module you will be emailed a certificate which needs to be forwarded to the LOC. Please email your certificate to secretary@bradfordloc.co.uk


Full details on the OHTMS protocol and pathways are available to download below:

OHTMS Protocol

OHTMS Pathway

OHTMS Reporting Form

OHTMS Referral Form

OHTMS Consent Form

COPY of OHTMS Letter to Patient

COPY of OHTMS Letter to Optometrist

COPY of OHTMS Letter to GP

SAMPLE of OHTMS DNA Letter from Optometrist to GP

MS Word SAMPLE of OHTMS DNA Letter from Optometrist to GP

For any queries about your OHTMS patient please contact Naheed Akhtar on 01274 272388 or email:




The fee payable for a OHTMS Examination is £50.00. The OHTMS appointment can be done at the same time as a GOS sight test, or can be done at a separate interval to the patients routine examination. To claim your fee please use the Referral Refinement spreadsheet.

Please note that it is practitioners that are accredited, not practices.


Last updated 21/08/2019