Direct Cataract Referral

Direct Cataract Referral with Choice

Practitioners are recommended to use the Cataract Referral Pathway for your patients who would like Cataract Referral.

A full eye examination is undertaken to ensure patient suitability for a cataract operation. Should the patient be suitable, then full choice of provider is discussed with the patient.


*NOTE* PUPIL DILATION is not required if you are able to achieve a good fundus view.


Under the Any Qualified Provider (AQP) scheme, patients are able to choose from a variety of providers throughout England. In Bradford and Airedale the main ones include:


Bradford Royal Infirmary, Bradford

Airedale General Hospital, Steeton

Optegra Yorkshire Eye Hospital, Apperley Bridge

Yorkshire Clinic, Bingley

**SpaMedica, Eccleshill, Bradford


**The SpaMedica POST CATARACT fee is payable upon completion of their accreditation and claimed directly from SpaMedica.


Please use the following referral form and send to the patients GP.

Cataract Referral Pathway

Direct Cataract Referral Form

Patient Cataract Leaflet


Cataract Referral Fee